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Sofitel Winter Palace, Luxor

In 1880, the Egyptian government gave Thomas Cook and his son a monopoly on passenger steamers on the Nile. In 1886, cook’s opened their first hotel in anywhere and it was in the Egyptian governorate Luxor, The Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel.
As travelers went up the Nile from Cairo to visit the ruins of ancient Egypt, their route was studded with a chain of these winter palaces. They were a match in elegance to the steams that carried a flow of celebrities south on the Nile to view the pharaonic splendors at Abu Simbel.
The Winter Palace at Luxor Commands a view across the Nile to the cliffs of the Royal Necropolis of Thebes, containing the tomb of Tutankhamen and King Tut. Then Egypt became an ideal open-air museum with sunny and warm weather.
The boutique hotel with its fine Victorian architecture and Egyptian hospitality is devoted to excellence.  It offers guests fine dining, high quality service and a warm welcome.
Over the years, the Winter Palace has attracted royalties and celebrities alike from His Majesty King Farouk, Sir Winston Churchill and Aga Khan II, to Agatha Christie and Georges Clemenceau.
In 1922, Howard Carter, the first Egyptology scientist, stood on the stairs of the Winter Palace to announce his discovery of the tomb of the King Tutankhamun.
The Sofitel Winter Palace currently offers 92 rooms and suites.


Corniche El Nil, Egypt




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