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The Luxor Hotel

The Luxor Hotelis considered one of the first working hotels in the great historical city of Luxor, which was founded in 1880.  It was built in 1877 by John Cook, son of the famous travel agent Thomas Cook.

The hotel opened at a time when monumental discoveries were being made in Luxor.  Most of these discovery missions were led by the first Egyptology scientist Howard Carter, the one who find the tomb of the young Egyptian King, Tutankhamen in January 1914.

It was also a popular retreat for English Lords and Kings and Queens across Europe, as well as noblemen and princes of the Mohamed Aly Pasha family until 1950. And it was the favorite hotel for politicians and leaders after the 1952 Egyptian revolution.

The Luxor Hotel has kept its glamorous history and unique Nile view in Luxor city throughout all these years.In 2044, a historical documentary was produced to show the discovery of King Tutankhamen and the daily life details for Howard Carter in Luxor Hotel.

The hotel is currently undergoing total renovation and will re-open as a leading boutique hotel in 2013 with 82 rooms and suites.


Madinet Al Oqsor, Egypt




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