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Historic Hotels of EgyptOld Photos of Egypt HotelsMedia Center Historic Hotels of Egypt

Historic Hotels Of Egypt, Hotels In Cairo, Where To Stay In Egypt

The historic hotels of Egypt

The Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino, a former royal palace built in 1869 and Cairo’s most popular downtown hotel.
Mena House  Hotel- built in 1869 and located at the foot of the great Pyramid.
The Shepheard Hotel - at the centre of Cairo’s cultural life and history since it was founded in 1841.

The Old Cataract, Aswan - a grand hotel on the Nile, built in 1899, which has hosted leading dignitaries from Sir Winston Churchill to Princess Diana. Currently closed for total renovation, it will re-open mid 2011.
The Winter Palace, Luxor - a grand colonial style hotel built in 1886.
The Luxor Hotel - set in an area described as the world’s largest outdoor museum, it will soon become one of Egypt’s most captivating boutique hotels. Currently undergoing total renovation, it will re-open in 2013.
The Palestine Hotel, Alexandria - boasts one of the most prominent locations on the Mediterranean. It was specially built and furnished within six months to host the Arab League Summit in the early 50s.
Cecil Hotel, Alexandria - a British colonial gem built in 1929.


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