A favourite hotel in Egypt for old world charm with a delightful old world elegance. Positioned on a pink granite outcrop overlooking the Nile opposite Elephantine Island, this hotel with its Oriental interior became a legendary name in hospitality almost as soon as it opened its doors in 1889. Rising from the desert, the Sofitel Old Cataract was built on a granite promontory overlooking the sacred river, providing views of the splendor of the Nile in the heart of luminous Aswan. The Old Cataract hotel takes its name from the meeting of the river with the granite barrier, which creates the first cataract of the Nile. Behind its Victorian facade, the hotel retains its original beauty, receiving visitors in an historic lobby with polished marble floors and high, classic Islamic arches. The 76 rooms and suites in the Old Palace Wing are complimented by 62 rooms and suites in the contemporary Nile Wing.